About us

“Blame it on my Gypsy Soul”

We believe in an unconventional lifestyle

The ideal of living life to the fullest with a grand sense of adventure. Gypsy Soul is a bohemian wanderlust collection with a warrior spirit and a wild heart. We believe in living a simple yet authentic life where freedom is everything and yes you can “Blame it on my Gypsy Soul! ”

“Wanderlust consumed her, foreign hearts and exotic minds compelled her, She had a gypsy soul and a Vibrant hope for the unknown.”

Owner, Koena Gunter is a fulltime World Gypsy and Vagabond who sources beautiful treasures from her travels to bring a little magic and the extraordinary to gypsies and dreamers all over the world.

What is a Gypsy Soul?

Born to wander. Born to roam.

Gypsy Souls are always in need of change and adventure. We seek the next best thing in any life situation. We’re deeply passionate and are often inspired by different ideas, attitudes and experiences. Our sense of identity – or what we want out of life – isn’t always sure. But we are determined to find it.

We believe in fairy tales and miracles and beautiful surprises from the universe. We vow to live a life that keeps our eyes sparkling. We are old souls and crave to be somewhere else. We are pioneers of this lifetime, discovering and exploring. Getting lost is how we are found. Our bodies ache for adventure and our hearts call out or the great unknown. We are unsettled but when we roam and wander is when we feel most alive!

We live a simple yet adventurous life. We found beauty in imperfection and order in chaos. We dance to the beat of her own drum. We are constantly looking for something new and exciting. We are free-spirited and the rules don’t apply to us!

Sparkling eyes

We believe in fairy tales, miracles and surprises from the Universe.


Finding ourselves

We’re determined to find what we want out of life.

Deeply passionate

We’re inspired by different ideas, attitudes and experiences.

Born to wander

We are pioneers of this lifetime, discovering and exploring.

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